So my friends, it’s been a heck of wild ride since I started one cloudy afternoon and today I’m so giddy I could cry… I’m definitely crying.
A few months ago (mid power outage ) I received an email by none other than British VOGUE to feature my little jewellery in their not so little (huge) magazine. Obviously I said ‘OH MY FLIPPIN GOSH YESSSSSS ARE U KIDDIN’ ME?!?!’ (whilst trying to be professional )…fast forward to now… if you’re in the UK or most likely any country that sells magazines around the world, You’ll find a little picture of my earrings in the latest issue. Which is MIND BLOWING TO ME.
So I want to thank you all for making every day so great and for supporting my work because I wouldn’t be anywhere without you. One thing’s for sure I certainly wouldn’t be featured (no matter how small) in British bloody vogue. My head is probably gonna pop off I’m that happy, nervous and flabbergasted once again!
I don’t feel proud of myself as often as I maybe should but today I can honestly say I am.❤️ and for anyone following their creative dream here’s my advice, even though it’s taken me a while to find my creativity again but holy heck, just do it, make art and you never know where it will lead ❤️ today is a wonderful day! Anyway I’m a blabberer so I’ll be quiet now but! Agh! Even though it’s a small lil piece, I’m happy. I’m joyous. I’m gonna dance around now

You can check out a jazzy little article over at Polymer week if you click the link below!